Wednesday, December 20, 2006


A hungry man is not a free man. ~Adlai Stevenson


Brian said...

empty soul lost hope
days pass in endless longing
poor is not a crime

getzapped said...

Your poem is poignant.

in a doorway, I sleep
the ground is hard
my life

Brian said...

dreams chase bitter streets
once was loved in measure full
drained out long ago

HARDWAX said...

Beautiful work, can almost feel the isolation and pangs.

Icarus said...

You know we are riding the same wavelength on this one GZ! Great one!

getzapped said...

B- 'once was loved in measure full' what an amazing line! It's so beautifully sad.

hwax - thanks for checking in.

ms- you know it!

Lizard Princess said...

Then, in that case, over 80% of the world isn't free.

Susan Abraham said...

A hungry man is a despondent man.

Meery Christmas and all the best for the New Year, Getzapped.

Mauricio said...

Uauuuuu, THIS IS A BLOG!!!!!

Congrats, I like so much!

Great new year with peace haealt and the end of the hungry

My best

getzapped said...

p- it's a sad fact that a lot of people go hungry and then you have the others who overindulge, not to mention waste!

Susan - I always enjoy your insightful comments. May the New Year bring you much joy and prosperity!

Mauricio - Welcome! Glad you like it :) My best to you, too.

Rethabile said...

"A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens but its lowest ones."
~~Nelson Mandela
And indeed, a hungry man is not a free man.

getzapped said...

Reth- I'm speechless.

Cergie said...

You know, I read all your posts, it is difficult for me to comment all of them because my English is not so good
Though I find it's a good idea to do such a blog: only one picture and a few words underneath