Monday, December 18, 2006

Be Understanding

Be understanding of one another. Be willing to compromise. ~Yoko Ono


Icarus said...

But not an absolute, not all of the time, with everyone about everything, right?

getzapped said...

We'd have to be Buddha to do that!

Stephen Bess said...

We should definitely take the time to know the history of a people. Those people should also learn about themselves. Nice thought and post!

Pod said...

a great sentiment and something we could all improve upon no doubt :0)

ruby said...

'Understanding' and 'compromise' are very hard to do.

I agree with Stephen Bess that 'We should definitely take the time to know the history of a people.' But that is also very hard to do. Needs high sophistication and plenty of effort.

Dunno, through the years I have gotten lazy perhaps, so whenever I desire peace, I just simply 'turn a blind eye'. Bad, lazy, but it works everytime..ha ha.

Susan Abraham said...

Ok Getzapped.
Okay..okay...will do!

Shrig said...

I had a psychology professor that once said, "Buddha was the first psychologist." This statement remeinded me of that particular comment.

Very Wise and Very True. Thanks for the reminder :)

getzapped said...

SB- I like the idea and hopefully, we get to know more about ourselves along the way.

pod- we're on the same page!

Ruby - they are hard, or we'd all be doing it! As the old saying goes -"if it works, don't fix it".

Susan - good luck and have fun practicing ; )

shrig - If only we could all adhere to his philosophy. Thanks.

Cergie said...

I do like this song