Monday, January 08, 2007

Showing Up

Eighty percent of success is showing up. ~Woody Allen


Lizard Princess said...

I love Woody Allen! This made me smile! Thanks!
Here's another one:
"Interestingly, according to modern astronomers, space is finite. This is a very comforting thought - particularly for people who cannot remember where they left things."
-Woody Allen

Stephen Bess said...

I like that too. I'll add show up on time. :)

getzapped said...

lp- thanks for more Woody humor.

stephen- yes, there is a lot to be said about being on time.

Keshi said...

and being on time is imp too :)


Cergie said...

I like his films, he is very well known and has his best success in France
I believe he has a French brain !
Ahaah !

Shrig said...

You know, I now read this blog with my morning coffee. :)

Hope all is well.

getzapped said...

cergie- I can totally see him as a Frenchman.

shrig- that makes me smile ; )

Lyrically speaking said...

Now that's what I call inspiring words