Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Egotism is an alphabet of one letter. ~Scottish Saying


ann said...

I love this! Great blog

Anonymous said...


get zapped said...

ann- thanks for dropping by.

brian- that is two letters ; )

Cergie said...

In English only ("I")
In French egotism needs two letters : "je"

Unknown said...

What a great quote that is and so true. Here's another for you:

'Egotism is the glue with which people get stuck on themselves'

Happy day.

PennyBlue said...

I HATE OMG.....But I Have To say OMG!!! I LOVE THIS!
Even if I'm not Scottish!

Suzan Abrams, email: said...


Hello Getzapped... :-)

Anonymous said...

What is going on w/ your comment page?

Anyways, great saying!

My blogs have been goofy lately- pictures appearing where they shouldn't, identification pics disappearing, weird pics appearing IN PLACE OF ones I put in place- what's up with that??? OK. I'm done ranting now!! So that's my disclaimer if anyone visits me and my blog is all weird, it's not my fault!

get zapped said...

cergie- that's great! Thanks for sharing to tidbit.

ruby- what a true statement. And it's hard to get unstuck!

bluejade- I know OM, but not OMG??

susan- hello and goodbye ;-}

lp-not sure what is up. I know blogger gets wacky sometimes. Sorry to hear you got frustrated....thanks for stopping by.

polona said...

in my language it takes three letters :)

Anonymous said...

Get Zapped-
thanks for putting up with me yesterday- it's not often I get weird like that!!!
Obviously nothing is wrong with your blog, it was all on my end. I just thought perhaps other people were having the same problem I was having.

Yesterday, when I looked at your blog, all your beautiful photos were gone and in their place there were strange symbols or boring maps! Isn't that strange?
I downloaded a new version of firefox, and it seems better now. Who knows? I'm no tech-head!!