Monday, February 05, 2007


There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time. ~Malcolm X


Ariel said...

I love your site Get Zapped! Lot's of memorable(and life changing) posts..

I particularly liked the obstacles one. You never really succeed unless you've faced obstacles.

On a side note.. it's interesting how most of your posts speak of serious subjects, when in your profile pic you're as happy as can be :) (*you MUST have reached success!)

Thanx for visiting my site btw.


getzapped said...

hey ariel, so true, if only one could see obstacles as opportunity for growth. Not always easy to practice, though. Btw, to see the other side- go to zippy pics where the silly zap lives ; ) Thanks for visiting get zen, so I could find you.

Dan said...

Absolutely. If life was perfect we wouldn't learn a thing.

Everything that's not perfect is the perfect teacher, if we look at it that way.

ruby ahmad said...

I agree with this quote.

The brain adapts easily. If life was one of constant comfort, the brain will get lazy and ceases to function eventually with no challenge. It is in times of defeat, heartbreak & loss that one's brain is forced to stretch itself to survive and makes one a much better & stronger person.

Nathalie said...

I love your work on illustrating quotes that you find inspiring, I think it's a great idea for a blog and you do it well.

I can't really relate to those many quotes about "success", "making it", or "achievement", though.

These words are those that are force-fed into our minds but I believe they take you on the wrong track. Success is not the key purpose of my life, nor do I think it should be.

How does miss zen feel about that?

Love the quotes and the illustrations nevertheless.
Cheers from Sydney, Australia

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Getzapped,
And on looking back, I think adversity contained the most powerful lessons of all.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, yes, none of us like going through it but adversity, does make us stronger and also helps build character. Thanks for the reminder, Get Zapped!

Lotus Reads said...

lol, sorry for the comma after shouldn't be there.

getzapped said...

dan- you are making a lot of sense today!

ruby- you are too! Along with the mind, the heart grows through hardship, if we don't harden...

natalie- it's a joy to hear from you! I don't have success as the beacon for my life either, I just thought the different takes (quotes) were interesting and hopefully, get people thinking in other terms. It's mostly semantics. Thanks again for your thoughtful words and I look forward to hearing from you again. Peace.

Susan- I couldn't agree more. Not that I want constant adversity in my life, but I accept it and try to learn from it. However, it may take some convincing at first :}

lotus- welcome back. You said it! And I'll overlook the comma ; ) Be well.

Remson Wood said...

What a poignant observation that helps give succor when one has landed in purgatory.
Adore your blog...found you through Tired Mummy's site. I'm linking this to my blog( as a pick-me-up option!
Thanks, gorgeous.

getzapped said...

remson- welcome! It's nice you found something here to soothe the soul. And I will visit your blog. Thanks for linking me! Peace to you.

Cergie said...

Yes, that's right

It's for that reason that it's better to have brother and sisiter, a kidwho is alone will never meet adversity and then when he will be in true life with people who are not his parents he will be lost
adversity do stronger

It's also welknown that during wars there are less suicides
Persons the most miserable are often having the less difficulties

We have a singer who sang "pauvre petite fille riche" = "poor little rich girl"

getzapped said...

cergie- Yes, the more spoiled one is, adversity hits harder. I like that you share things from your French culture ; ) Peace.