Friday, April 13, 2012

Cherry Tree

I never see the prettiest thing -
A cherry bough gone white with Spring -
But what I think, "How gay 'twould be
To hang me from a flowering tree."


Anonymous said...

Lovely thought with this poem. I sure loved to climb a particular cherry tree at the church yard when I was a kid. I could get totally lost in that tree.

Anonymous said...

From above all have a different perspective, I like ... this look is so pretty.
I like the world you see.

Robin said...

Oh the amazing Dorothy Parker! What wit!

The photo is breathtaking....Cherry Blossoms always symbolise Spring to me!

Your blog is wonderful....thought-provoking and full of beauty!

Happy Spring!!!!


♥ Robin ♥

studio lolo said...

What a stunning photograph! And always accompanied by the most perfect quote.

Happy Spring, my friend.♥

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...


get zapped said...

joni- trees make good friends :)

remei- you make a great point. it's important to change our view every so often. hugs!

robin- yes, she says it her way! full of promise these cherry trees. big hugs to you.

lolo- gracias. Happy spring to you my dear!

elizabeth - many thanks.

Shirley said...

Happy spring to you! Such a witty poem and wonderful picture. Thank you for your kind visit!!

get zapped said...

Thanks, Shirley.