Friday, October 16, 2009

Drum Dance

He who cannot dance will say: "The drum is bad”.
~African Proverb


Anonymous said...

I cant deny that and many people say like that

Devika Jyothi said...

ha! Even before the drums beat i would say, 'i don't know to dance' --- and then, when the beat comes I would dance in my mind -- the way i wish, with no one to see :)

well that was me when i was, its all about seeing....and there all is fun!.....and i know you would agree there, GZ :))


Cergie said...

And the fox which cannot reach the grape will say that it is still too green :
"Ils sont trop verts, dit-il, et bons pour des goujats"
-Jean de la Fontaine

SandyCarlson said...

I cannot dance, but I never blame the drum!

magiceye said...

in hindi the saying is 'can't dance because the ground is crooked'!

get zapped said...

expo- this not one I'd heard, but it makes sense.

devika- love your description, me too!

cergie- well, there's another new one - love it!

sandy- sweet :)

magiceye- lol! One thing here said in the States is "white men can't dance" and I've seen evidence of this :P

Unknown said...

Fantastic portrait! Love the cropping!

donny* said...

first, the photo is amazing and second, i need to remember that quote!

studio lolo said...

I knew there was an excuse my husband hasn't used yet ;)

So funny!