Thursday, October 04, 2007

Falling Leaves

falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly

~John Bailey


polona said...

that just about sums up the autumn.

~d said...

Hmmm. We don't really HAVE an autumn.
I have read about them in books...
*Love what you said abt my family reunion dancing on my post.
(pleasure to meet you!)

Rethabile said...

..just until someone rustles them with a footstep. Nice

Ian said...

that is nothing compared to the words of Charlie Pride.

raindog said...

i see you're in a very autumn-y mood lately. unfortunately, autumn here is the same as summer minus two degrees.

DeLi said...

bright and beautiful colors...i love autumn!

get zapped said...

polona- not to mention all the raking that goes on with those leaves!

~d- oh, you'll have to make the drive north sometime for the glorious experience of autumn. It was such a fun post!

reth- the lovely rustling of leaves.

ian- I remember my stepdad listening to Charlie Pride, but don't recall any lyrics.

raindog- oh, darn. I really loved the autumns growing up back east.

deli- yes, the colorful leaves are so uplifting for me in the PNW because it gets so grey otherwise.