Friday, April 22, 2011


You become a writer because you need to become a writer - nothing else. ~Grace Paley


studio lolo said...

Amen! Ditto for becoming an artist ;)

I was looking through some of your travel photos on FB. I love your smile!

Happy weekend friend~♥

Devika said...

Very true...and as studio lolo says the same goes for an artist...and then do we leave it half way?

A much need reminder, GZ...nice photo and quote :)


get zapped said...

lolo- I totally agree with the artist take. So sweet of you to say that. Hugs.

Devika- a good point. I too needed to hear this, I'm delighted you found some inspiration here.

Joyful day to you both.

Marguerite said...

And why do you become a traveller, I wonder ?

get zapped said...

margueritte- I travel to awaken dormant yearnings within, to find my edge, to explore the unknown, to let go of all my comforts, experience the sense of freedom travel brings, indulge in local cuisine, but mostly for the joy of meeting people and making connections. This, I find so very enriching!

And you?

Camille said...

For me, this is so very true.

Stephen Bess said...

If I don't write or say what God has given me, it builds up in my chest and just sits there heavy and uncomfortable.

get zapped said...

camille- me, too.

bess- I have the same experience. I've got to get it out and onto paper to fully understand my inner world.