Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Joy

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.
~William Blake

Happy Winter Solstice!


carla said...

How beautiful - the frost on those leaves is do delicate.

Maithri said...


Profoundly beautiful,

Thanks so much for this thought,

With love, M

Diana Evans said... would have loved to be outside during our snowday today...the scenery is wonderful!!!

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful photo GZ. Love that quote - and I am enjoying :)

Devika said...

Hi GZ!

Nice quote and wonderful picture

Winter is my time for enjoyment :)


humanobserver said...

a beautiful pic and a nice quote...

studio lolo said...

I watched the weather report last night and thought of you ;)
You're in a bit of a winter storm at the moment, right?

Have you ever seen "Dead Man" with Johnny Depp? He plays a character named William Blake and there's an Indian who tags along with him and he thinks he's the poet. It's hilarious if you pay close attention. I won't write my favorite quote from the movie here...I'll keep it clean ;)

This is a lovely photo and wise advice.
Merry Always, my friend :)

Mim said...

what beautiful pictures, and thanks for stopping by

Art and Poetry said...

The frost is beautiful! William Blake is my favourite poet but I can't remember is saying but it sounds like him!!

get zapped said...

carla- thank you, the word delicate is just perfect!

maithri- you're so welcome :)

diana- delightful! We too were blessed with snow!

janice- splendid!

devika- that's terrific. I too am finding the joy in winter.

humanobserver- glad you found it beautiful.

lolo- yes, we've had several snowfalls, in fact, I just noticed more falling, can't believe it. I've been homebound since Wed. night, other than to walk to the store! No, I have not seen "Dead Man", will check it out. Thank you for the recommendation!

mim- thank you for swinging by.

art&poetry- I assume he wrote it, at least the site I found it quotes Blake, but whose to say!

Peace to all~

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I think that God art or natural art is the best art by far. This is so beautiful. You have such a wonderful eye. It's sad to think that we walk past such beauty in the world. This is simply wonderful and full of life. I love it. Wishing you much peace this season and for the whole year a head.

studio lolo said...

Thanks for the Winter Solstice reminder..I added it to my Chaunukah post ;)

Winter Solstice blessings to you as well.
Stay safe and warm!

polona said...

wise words and a beautiful photo!

get zapped said...

Vanessa- you said it! When it's from the heart or even a place deeper, art is very powerful. Thank you for your kind words.

lolo- you're welcome, it's great to hear back from you :)

polona- glad to bring you a little cheer.

Rethabile said...

Happy holidays. The best for 2009 (good health, happiness, dosh)

isay said...


and you--have a wonderful holiday.

Devika said...

Wish you a Merry Christmas, GZ!


Lyrically speaking said...

and I am sure enjoying my first winter here in AZ, no snow, no colds, lol...ok let me not rub it in, lol, how are you? hope all is well

Cergie said...

So true. In winter enjoy marmelade...

Lynda Lehmann said...

What a beautiful photo and goes so well with the quote!