Monday, December 17, 2007


Because the mask is your face, the face is a mask, so I'm thinking of the face as a mask because of the way I see faces is coming from an African vision of the mask which is the thing that we carry around with us, it is our presentation, it's our front, it's our face. ~Faith Ringgold


Forever Young said...

interesting, my post today is also about masks.

polona said...

interesting. what is real, what is imagined...

Janice Thomson said...

I agree for the real person lies deep within and the outer physical part is just that.

Nicole said...

i like the many colors and textures there--

I'm sure you're super-busy, but I just got tagged, and I'd love to learn some more about you so I'm tagging you--if you get a moment and want to play along . . . (if not, that's ok, too! :-))

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Merry Christmas!

get zapped said...

4ey- I'll have to check it out...

polona- good point.

janice- what's that saying? "You can't judge a book by it's cover".

nicole-I believe I did that a while back on my get zen blog, I'll check....thanks.