Monday, September 17, 2007


When it comes to things in our own lives, they can be too close to be seen in a proper perspective. We easily get caught up in situations, carried away, eventually losing our perspective. We can be easily puffed up with pride over a trifle, or become prey to melancholy. But if we see things in perspective, we can appreciate the wonderful scenery around us. ~Shundo Aoyama


studio lolo said...

Oh I can really relate to this post today! I'm ready to take the leap back east...and without jobs to go to. I bought a card not too long ago with a famous quote that says something like..."Sometimes the best mode of transportation is a leap of faith."
I do need to be mindful of the perspective of it too though! Thanks, GZ!

get zapped said...

lolo- Are you really? Wow, so you've made the decision. I truly love your take on a leap of faith. Here's to your adventure and taking a chance in life!

dintoons said...

very soothing and liberating words indeed, thanx!! :o)