Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In A Cave

I work hard all day, too, and what do I get? A lot of yak from you. You at least get out everyday, see things, talk to people. I never get out of this cave. ~Wilma Flinstone


Shai said...

I have felt that way before.

polona said...

oh well...

Icarus said...

A cave??? They got a cave??
Eve & Adam would have murdered for a cave!

(And thanks for dropping by, GZ. Sx)

Cergie said...

Is it realy the guy who says that ?
Usualy it is the female who remains at home
I ever say somethings like that to my husbad
I had so few time forme in the past when my children were young
Now I say : happily I'm blogging to get out of my cave !!!!

Lizard Princess said...

I certainly felt that way when I had the chicken pox a few months ago!

On the flip side, however, on days when I have to work a lot and I haven't had much time at home, I really crave it!

raindog said...

hmm. i know that feeling all too well, he types from his little designer's cave. :)

written voize said...

I feel like I've created my own cave...but I'm liking it lol.

The Flintstone was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. I miss old Wilma and Fred.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I grew up with Fred and Wilma, they fought alot but you could tell they loved each other :)

suzanabrams said...

Oh, yes indeed, Getzapped.
Of the familiar and loved. :-)

Stephen Bess said...

I'm loving the Flintstones. :)Fred needs to take Wilma out for a brontosaurus steak dinner.

get zapped said...

shai- I hear ya!

polona- at least she's speaking out ;)

icarus- ;-p

cergie- Wilma the wife is giving him grief...good for you for finding an outlet!

lp- I bet, but then down time is nice, but it's having a choice that makes it.

raindog- me too ;\

written v- I think most of us to at one time or another. Flintstone's rocked!

layla- I loved that show too, and need to watch it again. Yes, they were inspired by, and based on the 1950s live-action sitcom The Honeymooners. Thus, their quarrelsome relationship.

stephen- lol! You said it!