Friday, March 02, 2007


When I was a teenager, I dreamed about escaping. I was lucky. I succeeded. ~Laurie Anderson


Brian said...

Hi Zapped. Just stopping by to wish you a great weekend.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

What an incredible blog you have here!!!

You left me a comment a while back. Can I link to you on Layla's and also on my other blog?

Very inspiring quotes, wonderful photos!
My other blog:

getzapped said...

brian- thanks a bunch. I hope you do the same!

layla- hey, it's nice to hear from you! I recall your music blog. Yes, please feel free to link me. I'd be honored. Peace.

luisa brehm said...

beautifuuuuuuul image, GZ !!!
and thought, of course ....

Icarus said...

It's been a hell of a while GZ. So I had a lot of quotes to read and well worthwhile it's been. The winner, i.e., most appropriate for me personally right now is.......Tina Turner! And have I turned a corner? Who knows? You turn one, there's a few more just round the block! In any case, TINA is a cute achronym for 'There Is No Alternative', right? Good weekend!

MONK said...

Hei Brian......!!!
What gives?

Sapporo is a snow scene as of now.
♪♪♪ (- -)/~~~~~~
I am satisfied by a sound of jazz every day.

Mauricio said...

I saw the presentation fo Laurie Anderson here in Rio de Janeiro.

Many time ago, she rules!

Nice weekend

Susan Abraham said...

I escaped once and managed it beautifully and look forward soon to escaping again. :-)

Alina Chau said...

beautiful and mysterious!!

Cergie said...

It's a good idea to have had a dream what you managed to do
I'm happy having had three children
It was one of my dreams
I'm not so happy having not succeed to become a great architect which was another one and for what I studied and got an architect diploma
However, I'm repeating I'm happy being a good mother and a good housewife

getzapped said...

luisa- thank you ;-)

icarus- welcome back! You sound good and yes, Tina rocks! Be well....

monk- yes, jazz is in my soul too. I can't get enough of Miles' Kind Of Blue.

mauricio- that's way cool!

susan- we escape all the time, just little getaways ;)

alina- thanks!

cergie- I'm delighted you find so much joy in your place in life. You give and create through your being a mother and wife. Plus, you do lovely creative things with your blog. I considered being an architect too, but you at least studied and now have that insight and knowledge!

Sharon said...

This one speaks!